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music played in my classes

I get often asked for the Soundtrack, i use in my classes. It's also nice for relaxing at home or use it for your birth playlist! Babies looove Mantramusic.

Here are some Artists from my Playlist...

Check their Albums/Songs here or on itunes/spotify


Snatam Kaur

>  Ajeet Kaur

>  Jai Jagdeesh

>  Alexia Chellun

>  White Sun

>  Nirinjan Kaur

>  Mirabei Ceiba

 Deva Premal & Miten

 Satyaa & Pari


miracle baby: benefits of kundalini yoga

Love to listen and sing to Mantramusic we play in Yoga class?

You don't have already your own playlist of decent Mantra Artists?

New moms and moms to be have not much time for shuffle, or just love to listen to a sound current, that contains only upliftig vibration... like cleansing your house with sage, the frequency of these Mantras are healing. Try a few times and you feel how your brain, your cells, your mood and of course your baby is well affected by the Naad (the holy sound). 

And many of my Prenatal Yoga students reported, that listening to Mantra music during birth carried them through...

 Enjoy the Adishaktinet Music Radio:


why singing to the baby in the womb is great (what we do a lot in my class)

my teacher explains the benefits of prenatal yoga & meditation

overcoming fear during pregnancy 

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heal yourself and the world with the power of sound


You are having a bad day? You feel sick and you can't take in your usual medication? Sometimes Pregnancy is not only a challenge for the physical body, but also can trigger old traumas, fears, sorrows that makes us rather freeze... then we can breathe through it. 


Also after the baby is born you maybe like to support your healing process.


This Mantra RA MA DA SA SA SAY SO HUNG is one of the most powerful healing mantras on the planet. The power of this mantra comes from its ability to connect earth and ether, Yogi Bhajan* said.

RA MA DA SA is the earth mantra.

This part of the mantra pulls the healing vibration into the physical plane.

SA SAY SO HUNG is the ether mantra.

This part of the mantra resonates with the universal healing frequency.

*Yogi Bhajan brought Kundalini to the US and made it accessible  to everyone (and especially women, who where often excluded from Yoga practice) in the late sixties and was the Teacher of my Teachers (Hargobindh Singh and Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa) 

It's already very soothing for your (and your babys) cells to just listen to the Mantra, but more powerful is to chant along and vibrating it in your whole system. Here's how to do it, enjoy:

Position & Mudra (Handposition)

Sit in Easy Pose (or full lotus) with your upper arms resting against your ribs, slightly in from the sides. The elbows are bent, and your forearms positioned upward and slightly angled out from the upper arms. Your palms are flat, facing upward and pointed out from your body at a 45-degree angle.

(to form a 45% angle point the hands are over the legs toward the knees.)

The fingers are together with the thumbs stretched out towards the side away from the fingers.


It is very important to stretch the thumb away from the fingers. The stretch in the webbing keeps the hands flat and helps maintain a stretch at the wrist. You can use one hand to push down the other hand in order to get a feel of the correct stretch in the wrist. It is this stretch that helps balance the brain. When the thumb is not stretched, the wrist relaxes, the hands move upward and the mudra and its effects are compromised. When the mudra is accurately done, you will feel energy or a pull in the center of the palms. This creates the power to heal with your hands.



Your eyes are focused at the tip of your nose and the eyelids are nine-tenths closed. The focus at the tip of the nose, creates the pressure to cross the optic nerves at the third eye. You should be able to feel an awareness at the third eye and be able to hold your attention there.

(more Information here)